Limitations of home warranty

What is a home warranty? Difference between a home warranty and home insurance  Is the buying of a home warranty worth it?  Limitations of home warranty plans  All home types are not covered No choice between replacement and repair No choice of repairing service providers Policy buyers might remain unprotected Exclusion of poorly maintained items […]

Painting the exterior of your house. Everything you need to know.

The exterior of your house is the first thing people notice about it. Thus, it provides the standard for the initial beauty test of your dwelling place. Additionally, different types of paints have a different effect on your house’s insulation properties. For example, light-colored exterior paint may prevent heat from penetrating the house. All these […]

Benefits of online testing kits

Life these days has become more convenient and easier as everything around us is approachable with a few clicks. Due to the advent of modern technology, every facility or service has reached new heights of advancement, making lives better. The same goes for the health and medical care sector. In this era, there is a […]

Online Lab Testing

What is online lab testing? Online lab testing is a convenient and patient-centered service which provides patients and their relatives a platform to learn about the tests that are used to screen for diagnosis and treatment of disease. Consumers are deeply involved in the management of their health care, so they could have easy access […]

Everything you need to know about lab testing

Lab testing is a procedure in which a doctor can check the health condition of a person. In clinical chemistry testing, chemical protocols are used to check the amount of specific chemical components according to the desired test prescribed by the health specialist. The components may be glucose, hormones, lipids, enzyme, metabolic substances, and protein […]

STDs Testing

What are STDs? What are the most common STDs? How do you come at the risk of getting STDs? Testing for STDs At-home STD Testing  Cost of at-home STD testing kits Benefits of at-home STD testing What are STDs? STDs are sexually transmitted diseases, which primarily but not exclusively, are spread by sexual activities. If […]

Should I get a home warranty?

A home warranty is a contract between the homeowner and the warranty company. The home warranty companies provide you specific discounted replacement and repair services on the major equipment or systems of the house, for example, electrical appliances, HVAC, furnaces, and plumbing systems. Warranty does not cover major damages like property crimes, fires, and storms. […]

How Does a Home Warranty Work in 2021?

A home warranty is a prerequisite for a peaceful and financially stable life. With the growing challenges of modern life, the way home warranty works have also evolved giving you continuous peace of mind. Before jumping into how a home warranty works in 2021, let’s have a look at what actually a home warranty is […]

Questions to ask about home warranty coverage

What is a home warranty and how it differs from home insurance? What is the procedure for a home warranty? What kind of services do the home warranty companies provide? What is meant by premium and optional coverage? What is the cost of a home warranty and is its value worth the cost? How can […]

How to choose a home warranty company in 2021

Home Warranty Coverage: Budget Calculations: Limits and Exclusions Licensed source Online confirmation Nearby Companies   Reviewed Home Warranty Companies:   Your house is your most loved and privileged possession and looking after it is often your topmost priority. Appliances in daily use in your home and other internal and external home systems require maintenance. As an […]